Self Storage for Business

Whether you’re a small business, a contractor, a sales rep, or a community organization, we’ll work with you to create a storage solution for your specific needs. Our business storage offers a lower cost per square foot than commercial space, flexible month-to-month leasing, and climate and non-climate controlled units. We provide you with flexibility, convenience, and security.

Here is a sample of our business storage solutions.

Business Storage

Your small business is no longer a start-up. It’s growing faster than anticipated, and working at home is no longer an option. You can no longer eat at your dining room table, the dryer is your new printer stand, and this morning your dog had an accident on your new brochures. You’ve found a great office space, but it’s small, expensive, and has no storage area. You need space for your inventory, office equipment and marketing materials. The perfect solution is one of our small, secure climate-controlled units. Our wide range of sizes and flexible lease terms make it easy to move to a larger unit as your business expands. Call us, and we’ll help you plan for your current and future storage needs. And, NO, you cannot keep your dog in storage.

Schools, Community Organizations and Hobbyists

Is volunteering your “part-time” job? Do your vocal chords freeze up when you try to say “No?” Whether it’s a local charity, the PTA, Cheerleaders, Sports, Scouts, or any other group, there are always mountains of equipment and work involved. Maybe you need to store games for a yearly carnival or casino night. Or it could be sports or band equipment. If you’re the lucky person in charge, don’t get stuck lugging and storing it in your garage or the trunk of your car. You can store these items in a safe, convenient, affordable self-storage unit. When it’s time to pick them up, you can pretend you’re sick and designate another person to take care of this stuff.